List of Services:

To inquire about or book an appointment, please contact us!

Personal Consultations

  • Meet with our Crystologist to discuss your personal needs and to ask questions about how RUBY’S GARNET Crystal Healing can assist you! This time is used to assess needs, clarify treatments and confirm services and bookings.

Chakra Balancing

  • Using the Chakra Array and related crystals, stones are placed on corresponding chakra locations on the body. Laying on of Hands supports the opening and balancing of the chakras. (Consultation NOT required.)

Personalized Crystal Arrays

  • Energy healing array chosen to support healing crystal energies for individual needs, physical, mental and spiritual. (Initial consultation is a requirement prior to service.)

Customized Crystal Gardens

  • A consultation will aid our Crystologist in the construction of a personalized crystal garden that addresses your energy needs in your home, office, or other physical spaces.

Personalized Spacial Gridding

  • Private home consultations will aid our Crystologist in personalizing energy grids for rooms in your home, office, or other physical spaces.

PATH Experience

  • A goal-setting experience for clients. Invite your dearest friends to support you in an evening of reflection, goal setting and life planning.

Essential Oils

  • Learn about our exciting line of Essential Oils!