Stones for Sunday: SMOKEY QUARTZ

smoky quartz


Smokey Quartz is a favourite crystal at Ruby’s Garnet. We use Smokey Quartz often in grids and gardens and for personal work because it is a strong protecting stone. Because of its grounding energy, it is a great tool to facilitate meditation. Smokey Quartz transforms negative emotions and negative patterns. It facilitates with easing worries and settles a busy mind. We favour Smokey Quartz because it provides a protective energy for its user, helping to create a protective energy¬†barrier around an individual.

Smokey Quartz is commonly found at local crystal shops, making it easily accessible. We use smaller tumbled stones and rough pieces in our grids. A large piece of rough Smokey Quartz, like the one pictured, looks lovely on a mantle, shelf, or table¬†in a room while offering its protective benefits to the user. Carry a small piece of Smokey Quartz on your person to reap its benefits during meetings as it is the “Stone of Cooperation” and can support unify energies towards the achievement of a common goal.