Stones for Sunday: ROSE QUARTZ

Rose Quartz

ROSE QUARTZ is another popular crystal at Ruby’s Garnet! We commonly use this crystal in grids, crystal gardens, and in body healing work. In its raw form, Rose Quartz is beautiful and complements any space when set out on a table or shelf. Smaller tumbled and raw stones are easily carried in a pocket, or transformed into jewelry. Rose Quartz is an affordable, versatile crystal, commonly found in most reputable crystal and rock shops.

At Ruby’s Garnet, we love to use ROSE QUARTZ for its gentle loving energy. Rose Quartz promotes love of all kinds, including self-love, familial love, and romantic love making it our first choice in supporting clients seeking to improve relationships. Rose Quartz supports calmness and clarity of mind and emotions as well as tranquility and harmony after chaotic situations. This is an excellent stone for the heart chakra and for use in the treatment of conditions related to the emotional body.

No one should be without a piece of Rose Quartz!